Membership Info

How Do I Join?
Membership in the Home Builders Association of Cleveland County is a simple process. Simply complete a membership application and pay your first year’s dues. Your sponsor and the Association leadership will take care of the rest.


What Do My Dues Pay For?
Your annual dues for membership in the HBACC are an investment in your business. The benefits of membership extend from services that directly benefit your business to programs that improve the business climate for home building. They also pay for supper for one member of your company at the monthly meetings.

You Get Three For The Price Of One
Membership in the HBACC translates into membership in three full-service organizations, each representing your interest from the local to the national level.

Locally, your HBACC is governed by a Board of Directors compromised of 10 builders and associate members.

General Membership Meetings
The HBACC meets monthly on the second Tuesday of the month. Meetings are held at the LeGrand Center starting at 6:00 pm. Meeting notices are sent out the week before the supper meeting letting you know what the program is about. The calendar on our website will also have all meeting schedules in it. Members receive a meal that is part of the dues and are responsible for their guest meals at $20.00 per person.